And Finally the Sun has Dawned over the Horizon (otherwise known as the official release of my novel)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]I’ve never liked beating my own drum, but as writers we have no choice. So I will make my own drum roll here as I announce that Dawning (which many of you have heard SOOOOOO much about that you’re either waiting in eager anticipation, or you’re ready to smack me up-side the head) has now gone live.

Scotland, 1599 . . .  He abandoned her. She had failed to be enough for him. The empty space he left behind hollowed out her heart, and she wondered what to do with the rest of her life.

When Ronan leaves the clan to seek his fortune, Triona MacAlastair fears she will never see him again. Four years later, a threat against her life forces her to depend on a mysterious, cloaked rogue known as Blackhawk.

She knows he is capable of protecting her, but what is he hiding? Why does he refuse to show his face?    


So, everyone do me a huge favor, since my future sanity depends on it, and BUY MY BOOK. RIGHT NOW. GO ON. CLICK THE LINK…. Oh, sorry, I had a little mental slip there. Please forgive me, I will be normal now.


$2.99 a download. If you don’t have a Kindle, amazon has an app that will allow you to download it to a variety of devices.

So what are you waiting for?

And now, in order to keep up my status as an obsessive Sherlock fangirl. As well as to draw more female attention to this post:

Ben Cumberbatch says: “Buy Olivia’s book.”

34 thoughts on “And Finally the Sun has Dawned over the Horizon (otherwise known as the official release of my novel)

  1. Congratulations. I always feel like launching a party whenever an author gets to this point. It is certainly a joyous occasion to celebrate! Good luck with sells. I will put you on my list 🙂


  2. Have read ‘Dawning’ and found it a most enjoyable read. Only trouble was I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end and then I was sorry I didn’t have anymore to read ! I believe the sequel ‘Moonstone’ will be making its appearance early in January 2014 and I for one cannot wait ! Congratulations Olivia spicer Stocum – what a fine debut – I look forward to following this talented author – I just LOVE historical novels ! Keep them coming !


      1. I love tall skinny vanilla lattes and one day realized that they cost more than most ebooks. That’s when I started making the comparisons 😉


    1. Oh, thank you! Although to be honest my sanity was lost long ago. LOL. And they are my guilty pleasure too. Big surprise there!


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